Publication Policy

There are broadly two types of outputs expected resulting from CIRADA activity: releases of data, software, catalogues and tools, and journal publications. The process for each is different.

General considerations

Journal publications cannot be produced using CFI funding, so if you’re doing any time- or effort-tracking, the actual writing/submitting of the paper plus any astrophysics/science in the paper both need to be on non-CIRADA time. (But all the non- science work leading up to the paper, anything in the paper which is actually documentation, and the catalogue itself, can all be worked on within CIRADA.)


CIRADA is not a scientific collaboration, so there are no "builders’ lists", no opportunity for everyone in CIRADA to opt in as authors, and no requirement to circulate papers for comment across CIRADA. CIRADA members and investigators should not expect to be authors on any publications except for things they’ve personally worked on or contributed to.

Quality control

A crucial part of CIRADA is quality control and quality assurance. The project office will provide internal processes for this. Approval process: Advance approval from the CIRADA director and deputy director must be obtained before submission/release of all products and publications. Please submit such requests to the project manager. Turnaround will usually be rapid, no more than 5 business days.Output tracking: The project management office needs to know when a paper is submitted, then accepted, then published, so that the relevant publication list can be kept up to date. Please keep the project manager up to date on the progress of all publications. All releases and publications must be either hosted or linked to from the CIRADA portal.

Standard CIRADA Acknowledgement

The following acknowledgement should be included in all publications and products resulting from CIRADA work, in addition to any other acknowledgements specific to individuals, departments or institutions as appropriate:

The Canadian Initiative for Radio Astronomy Data Analysis (CIRADA) is funded by a grant from the Canada Foundation for Innovation 2017 Innovation Fund (Project 35999) and by the Provinces of Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta, Manitoba and Quebec, in collaboration with the National Research Council of Canada, the US National Radio Astronomy Observatory and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation.

Additional acknowledgement for working coming out of the transient group project (excludes cutout server):

Transient data products are also provided in collaboration with the California Institute of Technology.